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Guys Physiq apparel are an awesome Gym Wear and general fashion brand!!!

They have some truly awesome style

Check them out here:


And use code TEAM10 for 10% off any purchase!!!

This is just a tiny part of some of the awesome swag!!!

I'm recommending this to all of tall!!!



<![CDATA[SLACKING!!!]]>Tue, 23 Sep 2014 10:52:40 GMThttp://nicholasalexanderfitness.weebly.com/blog/slacking

YOOO guys, sorry about slacking on my blog lately!

I have been super busy with a new job and training!

BUTTT I am working on some new products to get reviewed!!!


<![CDATA[New Amino RippedCore... WOW]]>Fri, 11 Jul 2014 08:35:34 GMThttp://nicholasalexanderfitness.weebly.com/blog/new-amino-rippedcore-wow

FitFam this is unreal!

Firstly let me explain my excitement... I am a huge fan of intra workout aminos. They are anti-catabolic, helping slow the breakdown of muscle fibers, and while on a caloric deficit they add a little extra carbs and protein into the workout.

Well now my favorite people at SciMx have gone and brought this little game changer. Amino Intra RippedCore; Pro-anabolic workout complex for optimal lean growth, muscle maintenance and ripped physique development. That's how they describe it... But they failed to mention that it taste like heaven!!! They call

it berry fusion, and unlike most berry flavored products this actually tastes like berries! If I didn't know better I would swear this stuff was not a health supplement.... It's that damn good!

So guys head on over to www.sci-mx.co.uk and get involved! Right now it's 35% off as a new product offer!

You will NOT regret it!

Peace yo... And Stay Aesthetic


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Instagram @scimx

<![CDATA[Shhhh ..... Secret Training]]>Tue, 24 Jun 2014 10:25:26 GMThttp://nicholasalexanderfitness.weebly.com/blog/shhhh-secret-trainingPicture
The Strip.... The Race Day Personal Care Kit

(Containing hand sanitizer, start oil, anti-chafing cream, hygiene wipes, lip balm, post race wash, sun screen, micro-fibre body cloths and pins in a tin)

So this is something really new for me, as a physique model my cardio is pretty limited to when I'm dieting for an event. The last time was of course body power.

Crazy as it may sound, my shred was only 3 weeks long for that event but it was ummmm INTENSE! Of course a major part of this was the cardio.
I was hitting 40 mins 5 times a week post training on a heart rate interval system. 9/10 times it was treadmill based (mainly hill running).
This provided me with the perfect opportunity to try out most of the products in this tidy little pack.
I have to say everything I did manage to use didn't disappoint, the start oil was legit. I'd say it was similar to deep heat or tiger balm but without the harsh burning feeling and it had the wheels (legs) feeling loose and good to go. The micro-fibre cloths are awesome and super absorbent, and for someone who sweats a fair bit were top notch during cardio. Not to mention post-cardio when combined with the post race wash it was like the cardio had never happened .... ya boy was back to his fresh best!

As I said it was hard to try everything but I can without a doubt recommend it for anyone who does cardio on a regular basis, especially treadmill based. It would also be a must for anyone who runs outside regularly or for a marathon race day and 100% for triathlon athletes as it contains everything you'd need for any situations you might face in these events!

Peace yo... And Stay Aesthetic


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Secret Training

Website www.secret-training.cc

<![CDATA[PROMiXX aka bad boy... If you don't know, you NEED to know!]]>Fri, 06 Jun 2014 14:31:28 GMThttp://nicholasalexanderfitness.weebly.com/blog/promixx-aka-bad-boy-if-you-dont-know-you-need-to-knowPicture
This is the ONE! I can say this has to spark the beginning of the end for the old school DIY shaker cup.
Why? Well besides the obvious fact that it does all the work for you it also mixes all my SCI-MX protein shakes to perfection and it's awesome to watch it in action (or maybe that's just me .. I'm easily entertained).

Don't get it twisted though ... it's not just for shakes. I use my bad boy for my SCI-MX pre workout cocktail (blog posted below) and even to mix my total yogurt, almond milk and protein meal before bed. But the defining thing; this beaut is so easy to clean. I just fill it up with hot water, add some washing up liquid and turn it on.... And BOOM! Rinse and done... No more nasty, stinky old shakers, an serious bane of my life. 
I'll be honest (as always) the first time I saw the ProMixx was on twitter (follow me @Nick_A_Jones23) a few weeks ago and I just dismissed it (always a skeptic) as a fad gimmick  But after I got to see this thing of beauty in action at the expo (they were used to mix SCIMX awesome new Xplode Rippedcore samples), I was hooked! Then to top it off the ProMixx team were awesome enough to hook me up with my own bad boy (as you have realised by now this is what I call it).

So if you haven't seen the huge boom in this products popularity recently or you still have any doubts, you shouldn't now.

Get your old shakers, open the bin and deposit them right up in there,  then head to your laptop or tablet and goto www.promixx.com and join the revolution!!!!
Follow PROMiXX @promixxmixer

And check out this dope promo video from them: http://youtu.be/q-VPf9QV0C8

Deuces....... Stay aesthetic

<![CDATA[Body power expo..... WHAT AN AWESOME EVENT!]]>Tue, 03 Jun 2014 13:35:45 GMThttp://nicholasalexanderfitness.weebly.com/blog/body-power-expo-what-an-awesome-eventPicture
This is definitely going to be a shortened account as there was toooooooo much going down to put into words.

To sum it up this event total awesomeness (I think I have just made up that word but the magnitude of it deserves it) from start to finish! With the best of all the big names in the fitness and bodybuilding world as well as all the top brands in nutrition, supplements and gym wear, how could it not be!?

I spent the weekend repping with my team and sponsors; the one and only Sci-Mx Nutrition. Without being biased we absolutely BOSSED the event. Our stand was madness from beginning to end every day. We had some top athletes on show; myself of course, James Alexander Ellis, Louise Glover, my American homeboy Stefan Gatt, Beth Workman, Nick Williams, my training partner Mr Damian Guest and recently crowned WBFF fitness model pro Daniel Ventura aswell as some great promotional guys ... but most of all the Sci-Mx team the guys who did an unbelievable job, setting up and running the show. They could possibly be described as heroes for all the tireless effort they put into making it the incredible success it was!
At the stand we ran the extremely popular squat challenge - competitors had to squat their body weight as many times as they could and the winner of each category would walk away with a years supply of supplements. We kept all the eager participants fueled up for by giving out samples of the new pre-workout Xplode RippedCore (Review coming soon).

Then there was the search for "4 of the best". This was a chance for all the aspiring fitness models to get a sponsorship with the best squad in the game Sci-Mx! You can only imagine the amount of people that entered ... it was madness! We also had some unbelievable scenes from sponsored athlete Acrobat Doug Edwards.

I wish I would have had the chance to have 5 minutes and get some videos to do a vlog of the the event for you, just to show you what was going down, but there was no time at all!
I did however manage to get a few sneaky pics, some of which I can also give credit to Sci-Mx for as well as the brilliantly put together video they did which is also below.

So until my next post.... Stay Aesthetic

Sci-Mx video http://youtu.be/iOZDBoNMtvw

Pics http://animoto.com/play/LUxW3JjlV422DAKI3TEiNQ

<![CDATA[KGB - it definitely keeps getting better]]>Thu, 22 May 2014 15:30:36 GMThttp://nicholasalexanderfitness.weebly.com/blog/kgb-it-definitely-keeps-getting-betterPicture
Light, stylish and super comfortable, it's fair to say KGB is a clothing brand on a move!

This weekend I was repping with my squad Sci-MX at BodyPower 2014 (post pending) and was generously given these sweats by KGB for the event.
I set off in the train on what started as a cool morning and opted to wear the sweats as I was impressed by their comfortability when previously trying them on and comfortable gear is essential for long travel and for anyone who uses trains knows ... this is a must!

The weather quickly turned as did the temperature in the train (think sardines in a tin during a heat wave) so at this point I was expecting a rapid rise in body temperature since I had on quilted sweats but to my amazement these bad boys kept my lower half nice and comfortable.

They are designed with a looser fit which definitely helps with comfort and airflow. There is an un-elasticated leg bottom, which I can imagine is to make it easier to slip then off post warm up and again to keep them cool. Made with a 3 pocket design (which for a guy is essential) and I can safely say that after carrying my phone and wallet on the journey and arriving with both they do the job they are made to do.

I highly recommend that, even as we approach summer, anyone who is looking for some post workout sweats or something for that early morning outdoor/indoor cardio these are the ones!

They are available at these sites, along with the rest of the KGB range which I can only speculate is just as awesome!
KGB - http://www.keepsgettingbetter.co.uk
WodBox - http://www.WODBOX.co.uk

<![CDATA[Workout wars - part deux]]>Wed, 07 May 2014 13:12:48 GMThttp://nicholasalexanderfitness.weebly.com/blog/workout-wars-part-deuxSo this time I get in the gym to try a muscle-building workout set for me by top physique competitor, Gabriel Sey. 

As a member of the national GB American Football team, my training is usually geared up towards explosive strength and power. Gabriel's gym training is aimed at muscle-building for particular body parts to create a full, aesthetic physique that will stand out on stage. 

Check out the video to see how will I coped with a 'no pain, no gain' workout based on intensity and volume. 

This is Part Two of a gym face off and 'Workout Wars' series. The first part saw me giving Gabriel an American Football workout for core and explosive strength. Now it's payback time ... eek
<![CDATA[Just a quick post to say...]]>Fri, 02 May 2014 14:48:35 GMThttp://nicholasalexanderfitness.weebly.com/blog/just-a-quick-post-to-sayPicture
I'm ridiculously buzzing to announce that I will be appearing at the BodyPower Expo 2014 with the rest of the SciMx team!!!

I will be one of the Athletes on show at the stand on the Saturday and Sunday!

While I'm there I will be getting crazy amounts of pictures and videos so afterwards I can share with you guys. Hopefully I will also get my first Vlog entry up and running so you can get a behind the scenes look at my time at the event!!!

<![CDATA[Pre-workout super booster!]]>Tue, 29 Apr 2014 11:12:38 GMThttp://nicholasalexanderfitness.weebly.com/blog/pre-workout-super-booster
20g (1serving) Sci-MX Xplode hardcore orange (also available in blackcurrant)
5g (1serving) Sci-MX 100% pure glutamine
15g (1serving) Sci-MX BCAA intraHardcore orange (also available in mixed berry)

Take 30 minutes prior to start of workout

You can use any brand, but Sci-MX is always my brand of choice.

So here goes... I won't bore you with the very long lists of ingredients etc,  just a brief overview of what I put in and for what reason. Let us keep this short and sweet ... 

During my many years of training I have tried tonnes of different pre workout supplements ranging from  Jack3d to Musclepharm Assault and have always had mixed results.

But then I had a breakthrough last November in 'Scimx Xplode Hardcore' and I am addicted! 

A good preworkout is essential for me personally, and I've tried ALOT over the years. I find with most pre-workouts I have felt an initial huge spike in energy and that pumped up feeling, but after 45 mins or so of intense training there has always been a noticeable drop off, like a super Mario style star man power up, your buzzing for a short time then, boom! Nothing!

But 'X-Plode Hardcore' is king in my eyes. That initial invincible feeling you get and massive pump paired with the energy boost stays constant throughout my whole work out (mine range from 1.5 to 2 hours), no drop offs at any point, just a slow come down as you come to then end of your session, almost as if it knows when you have finished your workout. An added bonus is the orange flavor is awesome.

I tend to take my BCAAs pre to help with muscle fatigue during training and post workout to help with recovery. This is only a personal pref as Sci-MX recommends taking during training, due to the fact I like to drink a fair amount of water while I train. Sci-MX BCAA IntraHardcore again being my amino source of choice. The orange is my favorite, it tastes the same as the SMX orange, and since I mix them it's just a no brainier.

I add glutamine to top up my bodies natural production in preparation for glutamine depletion during training. Also it helps with the protein synthesis of proteins from Sci-MX BCAA IntraHardcore and Sci-MX X-Plode Hardcore, as well as helping the body metabolize fat and prevent muscle breakdown.

So that's just a quick summary of my pre workout supplementing.

All the products and their ingredients, along with nutritional info can be found in the links below

Sci-MX X-Plode Hardcore: http://www.sci-mx.co.uk/muscle-building/pre-workout/x-plode-hardcore.html

Sci-MX BCAA IntraHardcore: http://www.sci-mx.co.uk/muscle-building/amino-acids/bcaa-intra-hardcore-.html

Sci-MX 100% Pure Glutamine:  http://www.sci-mx.co.uk/muscle-building/amino-acids/100-pure-glutamine.html